Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Visit to Leeds

I visited Leeds town centre this week - although I live in Leeds, it must be 5 years at least since I last walked round the centre. Im not a city centre fan and much prefer to travel to the shopping centres like Meadowhall or White rose.

So I went for a visit to go to the Museum which by the way is very good!

I found so many things interesting in the museum and particularly liked the shapes and textures of the gems and fossils. The Leeds mummy for me though has to be the most interesting and intriging thing I have seen for a while.
I had seen it before in the old museum, but for some reason this time it encaptured me and I spent what seemed like an hour staring at it, looking at how amazing it is. There was apparently 3 of them altogether in the old museum (above the city library) however only the 1 survived bombing in the war.

Anyhow we then ventured round Leeds and had a reasonable day.

to finish I took a photo of this:

Someone has made their own art in Leeds. Not sure what I think, although alittle amusing, I do feel these statues deserve some respect and we would hopefully like them to stay and be undamaged for many more generations.

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