Sunday, 7 August 2011

My first blog post

Well this is something I thought about doing for a while now....Is my life interesting enough? Do I have interesting things to post? Well I have taken the plunge and will have to see how we go!!

Thought id start with things which are important to me....
Of course my family- I live with my partner and 2 sons. youngest 11 month old and oldest 5 years old.
My artwork....Well alot of posts will be to do with this and my love of all things art!!
My animals.... Ill post some pictures soon as I have quite  menagerie!!
The countryside....I live in Leeds, so it is very much in the city but my love for the countryside is way more powerful than city living! I will one day own a small holding and live my dream of country living!!

Ill start with a few pics of my animals:

Frank- our axolotl

Some of my guinea pigs- I have approx 25 piggies

Sid and Harry the land snails

We have 2 gerbils

Dylan and oscar our dogs

Our beautiful 2 pet ducks :)

We have 7 chickens :)

Bambi our rabbit

Hector the Tortoise
We have other animals too, but this is the majority of them. Didnt want to bore everyone with more photos!!

So here's to the world of blogging and here I begin.

Be sure to help me along the way and bring along any people who may like to follow my ramblings- sorry interesting posts!

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