Sunday, 14 August 2011

Lovely day today

So today we have had a fun filled day! We went to Thwaite Watermill in Leeds. Although this is only 15 minutes or so from our house, we have never visited- today was the teddy bears picnic.

I love old fashioned waays of producing and making and to live in victorian ages to me is truly fascinating. The designs of old houses, designs on old tins of food, old fire places, how they lived, everything is so intriguing andfascinating to me.

Heres a few shots I took of an old style house:

Love the style of this cabinet. Art Deco?

Fascinating old labels. Designed in such a fantastic yet simple way.

Stunning chintz wallpaper.

Blacksmith at work
I just liked the way these had been stacked.
We then picked at ate some blackberries yummy!!
A huge wild mushroom!
Dont know what these are just liked the layout and pattern of them.

We went for  ride on a barge
My son drove the barge for a little bit!

Stunning views

Decoartive art on the gypsy caravan. Very inspiraring!!

 A lovely visit and feel refreshed and insipared- ready to create :)

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