Tuesday, 16 August 2011

A finishing touch.....

Recieving a parcel is the most exciting thing to brighten up anyone's day. At magnifique Designs I believe opening a beautifull wrapped package is the most delightful thing. I *hate* recieving packages just shoved in a jiffy bag with no thought or talent.

So with each of our items we spend alittle time packaging items beautifully in organza, fabric and ribbons, finished with a lovely card.

All items used for packaging are recycled giving alittle touch of nostalgia too.

Here is one of our recent pakages...the owner was delighted :)

Beads, beads and more beads....

I love beads I find the colours and patterns in them fascinating and so inspiring to natural forms.

Here are some in my collection at the moment awaiting to be transformed

The green and black heart beads are just divine! I bsolutely love these and think these will make amazing pendants.

Fallen in love with any? If you would like any creating into pieces of jewellery for yourself or a gift please just let me know.

So which are your favourites?

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Lovely day today

So today we have had a fun filled day! We went to Thwaite Watermill in Leeds. Although this is only 15 minutes or so from our house, we have never visited- today was the teddy bears picnic.

I love old fashioned waays of producing and making and to live in victorian ages to me is truly fascinating. The designs of old houses, designs on old tins of food, old fire places, how they lived, everything is so intriguing andfascinating to me.

Heres a few shots I took of an old style house:

Love the style of this cabinet. Art Deco?

Fascinating old labels. Designed in such a fantastic yet simple way.

Stunning chintz wallpaper.

Blacksmith at work
I just liked the way these had been stacked.
We then picked at ate some blackberries yummy!!
A huge wild mushroom!
Dont know what these are just liked the layout and pattern of them.

We went for  ride on a barge
My son drove the barge for a little bit!

Stunning views

Decoartive art on the gypsy caravan. Very inspiraring!!

 A lovely visit and feel refreshed and insipared- ready to create :)

Friday, 12 August 2011

Jewellery sets

I love creating sets of jewellery and have just completed a stunning set consisting of cluster bracelet, earrings and necklase. These sets are proving to be very popular for birthdays and already for Christmas! I can do them in any colours or theme, incoorparating charms if prefered. All can be done in any style.
Sets are available with necklaces, pendants, earrings (both stud and loop), bracelets (cluster and others), watches- in fact anything!!

Here is my latest set:

The full set

Bracelet. cluster bracelet beaded in browns, burgandy, red, orange, pearl and yellow beads.
Will stretcj to all sizes.

5cm drop. 5 droplet strings- 2 with pearl beads and 3 with matching beads to bracelet and necklase.

Necklase. 18" long (can be altered to any size below 18") Wire wrapped and beaded with beads to match the bracelet and earrings.

All made using silver plated wire.
Bracelet: £22 FREE UK postage
Earrings: £6 FREE UK postage
Necklace: £10 FREE UK postage

Full set: £33 FREE UK postage

Please email me with any enquiries: helen.broadhead@googlemail.com or comment below. Thank you

New Stud Earrings

I have been working on some new stud earrings. All are made from silver plated wire.

They are all £5 with free UK postage. I can do them in different colours or can do some to your own ideas and designs. I offer this custom service and is ideal for gifts.

As always they will come beautifully packaged.

A couple of reviews I recently recieved for earrings:

**These earrings are so pretty! They Came wrapped In a gorgeous cloth, very quick delivery, wonderful service! Will shop again!
**Earrings just as gorgeous as they looked. Arrived very quickly -and so beautifully wrapped it was a shame to unwrap them. Would definitely buy again!
**Recieved my lovely Hand made earrings today in a lovely ribbon tied package. They are beautiful, thank you very much and thanks for the speedy delivery!

Here are some pictures of recently created earrings:

2.5cm drop. Animal print earrings. Stud Fastening.

3cm drop. Clear blue diamond and heart bead. Stud Fastening.

2cm drop. Stud Fastening. Butterfly charm with black bead.

2.5cm drop. Marble effect flat square bead. Stud fastening.

3cm drop. Small pink rose beads with larger deep pink bead. Stud fastening.

5cm drop. Wire wrapping spiral with flowered bead and turquiose. Loop drop fastening.

Email: helen.broadhead@googlemail.com with any enquiries.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

A collection of my work.....

Just thought I would share a collection of my work..............

Watch Bracelet

Flower earrings

Heart necklace



Bracelet and Earring set

Flower and crystal earrings

Gold and orange earrings

Square earrings

Recycled materials earrings


Flower bracelet

flower earrings SOLD

Zebra design earrings

animal print earrings


Coloured wire wrap ring

coloured wire wrap ring

Heart ring

Cluster ring

Elephnt charm bracelet

pink and white stone bracelet

circular pendant

gold ring with stone

wooden earrings

spotted earrings

square bead earrings- SOLD

Watch bracelet

swirl earrings- SOLD

green pendant

twin stone pendant

black square earrings

watch bracelet

Polymer clay dinosaurs

polymer clay sheep

polymer clay guinea pig character earrings

glass pendant

wire wrap earrings

Zebra pendant
swirl pendant

Animal print earrings- SOLD

swirl pendant- SOLD