Wednesday, 10 August 2011

A collection of my work.....

Just thought I would share a collection of my work..............

Watch Bracelet

Flower earrings

Heart necklace



Bracelet and Earring set

Flower and crystal earrings

Gold and orange earrings

Square earrings

Recycled materials earrings


Flower bracelet

flower earrings SOLD

Zebra design earrings

animal print earrings


Coloured wire wrap ring

coloured wire wrap ring

Heart ring

Cluster ring

Elephnt charm bracelet

pink and white stone bracelet

circular pendant

gold ring with stone

wooden earrings

spotted earrings

square bead earrings- SOLD

Watch bracelet

swirl earrings- SOLD

green pendant

twin stone pendant

black square earrings

watch bracelet

Polymer clay dinosaurs

polymer clay sheep

polymer clay guinea pig character earrings

glass pendant

wire wrap earrings

Zebra pendant
swirl pendant

Animal print earrings- SOLD

swirl pendant- SOLD

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